10 September 2009

why young man like older women

ni tajuk presentation bel aku... aku kena present ari khamis ni... mmgla aku ade pengalaman ngan tajuk ni tp nk speaking 2 cam susah je.. huhu... ni text yg aku nk ckp t..

Assalamualaikum and good afternoon to all of u..
Before I start may I ask u something?. Do u have a bf or gf? How old are they? Is they older than u? Ok now I want to show u something… I think u know both of person in this picture.. Aidil zafuan, our country football player and pretty actress rita rudaini.. u know the story about diz couple. I don’t want to make gossip about them but I want to talk about their relationship from the age perspective.. Aidil in the age of 21 was married rita who was 11 years older than him. Why handsome n young man like aidil luv an old woman like rita? There is no young woman he can choose as his wife? Or he is the type who is really like old woman like rita. Hmm.. I don’t know bcoz aidil not my husband and he also do not know me.. Ok now we start to the main reason y I’m standing here.. I want to share with all of u why young man like older woman..
There is too much reason y young man like older woman but I only want to share with u only 2 reason.. first is older woman is more matured compare to young woman.. this is because their experience and expectation in life is different. they already face too much good and bad thing in their life.. it make them more matured to go on with their life.. their mindset only think about the future. They tend to think about success in life, carrier also in relationship.. they give full commitment in whatever they do..if they want to do something, they will do it until they get the benefit from the act..if not they don’t want to stop until they achieve their goal. they also not so sensitive for every word and action taken from their partner because they know the behavior of young man who like to make joke and quite relax in their conversation. for example their mates hangout with their friend and at the same time there is a woman there, the old woman not so jelez because she know that her man also have their own life and want to spend time with their friend. they is more understandable, acceptable and positive. They like to think positive for every action taken by the man but they not 100% trust on that man.. old woman also patient and gentle with their partner and not too pampered because they know how old of her age...their act not like young woman who are too childish and pampered.. when older woman have a relationship with young man, they feel younger, acting younger and man accepting them in their new personalities.

The second reason y young man like older woman is because old woman is more experience in life.. they was the 1st one who cry when 1st time saw this world. They also the 1st one who cry when face the hard time. because of they have more experience in life, they can motivate young man.. young man always want to enjoy in their life. They do not want to think about the future and always take for granted for what they do.. so it’s the responsibility of old woman to advice them, show them the right way of their life, always support on good thing made by the man and forbid for the wrong act of the man.. man like the sophistication and life success of older mates..older woman normally had already gain their successful.. their life was more stable in term of carrier, finance or others. They can support their own life without use others money.. they have their own money.. if unmarried couple or still both of the couple still study, old woman can teach young man and they can study together. If she get higher result, it will motivate their mate to get the same level with the woman.. if married couple and the woman was married for the second time with a new man who is younger than her, they know how to get along with the relationship because they already face it with their ex husband.. they also have more experience in sex.. because of old woman have more experience they easily know what their partner feel.. they have good instinct. So young man, don’t try to lie or scratch her back because she will know it sooner or later..

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