28 June 2011

for him one time ago.

this video.. yeah this video actualy is for him. i made it with 1 of my friend who good in playing guitar. that my voice.. let hear it.. best sgt.. hahaha.. that poyo ok.. what ever it is.. i doing this for my love one for his birthday. but it not going with the plan. sooo frustrated. but its okla.. ok guys.. dont laugh if its bad. dont say anything if its very awesome.hehehe.. let listen... b4 that. plz stop my mp4 kt bwh 2. semak je nnti x dpt dgr my merdu voice.. hahahaha...=P
credit this video:
1 ) to melda (ala yg sunsilk 2.) hehe..her song actually.
2) to saiful idham who play the guitar. very nice bro..
3) to tok ketua who give me spirit (sifooo ni) hehe
location : bilik bwh sekali dkt tangga, block J, UiTM jengka.
date : lupe tp yg pasti time exam.. x silap da abih paper time ni...
time : around 3-5 pm.. x lame pun record.. about 1 hour je duk c2. ber3 ye.. bukan ber2.. huhu
im sorry if the quality is cam haram.. haha.. siap ade matrik card. that my card ye. hehe.. shy to record my face. better focus on other thing. hehe... n some part of this song are spoilla.. that my fault. haha salah masuk. terlbih mendayu2.. u'all mesti perasan. haha.. =)

but im not happy on my hb. its not because i dont like become older eventhough i know im still  young.. haha.. its because he said he want to give me birthday present.. which is a video about us.. soo sweet.. but until now...... yeah.. 28th june 2011, 3:32am. i never get it.. about half year.. hmmm... sad... 
ooo forget to tell, my birthday is on 6hb november 1988 & his birthday 16th november 1988. hehe.. how it would be like that. only God know.. hehe..
nite all, want to sleep already...  krooh.. krohh... 

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