29 June 2011


"When we were kids, we pretend crying to attract parents' attention. Now we pretend to be sleeping when we're crying to avoid questions"
this quote i found at my twitter (izmiizan--> follow me ya). 1st time i read the quote i think for a moment... think!! think!! think!!! (da lame sgt pkir 2). then i know this quote is about my life actualy.. alah,.. not only me.. but also other people outside they.. maybe u also feel like that... yes u!! u yg tgh baca blog nilah.. haha.. 
its right kn.. when we were kids, we always pretend to cry,. padahal skit punye hal.. 

contoh 1 when we were kids, we play the toys alone.. 
kids : papa.. mama... huaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa sakit.......!! sinilah...
parent : why my dear?
kids : semut gigit....huaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahuaaaaaaaaaaaaahuaaaaaaa......
parent : olololo my sweety.. mane2 sakit? tuku takat balik bukit, budak nakal beroleh penyakit (pantun my mom use when i was kids. )
kids do that just want to attract parent to accompany them to play toys together. right2? attention for kids is a MUST ok... MUST...!! for who will become parent plz alert this.. i WARN u because i like kids too much!! muuaaaahhh <3<3<3

when we was grow up, we like to pretend we are sleeping when we was crying coz dont want others to ask toooooo many questions. 
contoh 2 : when we were too sad because of argue something or fighting with boypren..

minah : hukhukhukhuk (crying alone on her bed)
toktoktok..(pintu di ketok)
joyah : la... da tido rupenye... td aku dgr cam gadoh2 on fon ngan bf. (teros blah ttup pintu)
minah : selamat aku... mls nk menjawabla.. baik aku wat2 tido... huaaaarrggghhh abg kassim... knape wat minah mcm ni.. huarrrghhhh...

right now, we dont want to crying in front of people coz dont like others too busybody mak enon nk jaga tepi kain org. if we want to tell what was happen we like to tell them went our mood is superduper good.. if others ask when we were crying how we can tell them if we always sobsob hukhuk huarghhhhh.. kn ke susah 2.. right.and when we start to tell, then they will ask too many question until we dont know how to answer all that question. da otak nga serabot die tmbh serabot ade kena pelangkung kang.. GARANG TAK? GARANG TAK? hehe..

actually not all people have same feeling, same opinion, same condition. its just what i've feel in my life n that MY STYLE>> gaya, mutu keunggulan.. cheeeewahh.. 

oklah. adios.. amigos... abilos... animos.. huarrrrrrrrghhhhhhhhhhhhhh papa tinggal mama lagi... huarrrrrrrrrrrghhhhhhhhhhh 

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